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Hi everyone my name is jaden and you can call me Tophy-chan and this is my personal blog but also is a blog of art, I am an Artist and i rebblog yugioh specially zexal (but I rebblog other things).
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Playing video games


Game: Press Start 

Me: Presses A

Game starts


Send me your NOTP


my NOTP too | I don’t ship it | it’s okay | I ship it hard | OTP

Nice things to whisper when hugging someone



-you smell different when you’re awake
-please help me (then smile as if nothing happened)
-you have lovely skin, I can’t wait to wear it
-your hair tastes like strawberries
-he knows, don’t go home.
-I always knew you would die in my arms
-every time I poop I think of you
-no one will ever believe you
-I killed mufasa
-I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear
-mother told me it would be like this


Did you ever just feel so lucky for knowing someone you met online?
Like.. I was one click away from not following you. I was one second away from never even knowing of your existence. 
I would never have been this happy. 

Cinnamon I can’t read nothing XD


finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters



don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you


i still don’t know any Zexal character birthdays and this upsets me


[ryou bakura wakes up] “wow…it’s my birthday. i survived another year. happy birthd-” [yami bakura takes over] “-AY TO ME” [ryou bakura wakes up naked with stolen jewelry and blood and cake all over him] 


i’ve been wanting to draw Yuto for a while now