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Hi everyone my name is jaden and you can call me Tophy-chan and this is my personal blog but also is a blog of art, I am an Artist and i rebblog yugioh specially zexal (but I rebblog other things).


Im making this comic and we have 3 parts a prequel and sequela.

the character as going to appear is Yuma, Shark, Vector and Black mist.

pairing: sharkbaitshipping, negativeshipping and tentacleshipping( I guess is called the shipping Yuuma X Black mist)

preview: yuma still been affected by Vector’s betrayed and black mist take advantage on yuuma’s confused, achieving have yuuma on your dependence.

  1. yumatsukumozexal said: se mira genial :D
  2. ryogakamishiroshark said: WAAAAAA QUE GENIAL!!!
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