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Hi everyone my name is jaden and you can call me Tophy-chan and this is my personal blog but also is a blog of art, I am an Artist and i rebblog yugioh specially zexal (but I rebblog other things).

ZEXAL’S AU most negativeshipping three are NO mines

1.- power in the eternity—> no link

2.-numbers——> doddles

3.-the say when the sun was overshadow——> doddles

4.-Shonen yuma magic zexal——> draws

5.- fall in the darkness—->doddles

6.-Reincarnationshipping——> gale’s fic, doddles, comic: (1 )(2) (3) (3.5) (4) (5) (5.5) (6)

7.-Lymasindrome Au ——->usagi’s fics and draws

8.-Extemporatization——> gale’s fic and pyra’s fic usagi’s draw, doujinshi doddle.

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